How To Get Pregnant Using Donor Sperm

Step 1 – Find a Sperm Donor

Getting pregnant using donor sperm has never been easier. Prior to the introduction of online sperm donor matching services such as women could only get pregnant using donor sperm from a sperm bank. Nowadays there are online forums that enable you to select donor sperm through a sophisticated matching service that will pair you with a donor who matches the criteria you have specified. You can then meet your donor and arrange to get pregnant using his sperm.

What type of donor sperm is there?

There are two types of donor sperm:

1. Sperm from an anonymous donor

2. Sperm from a known donor

If you do not wish to meet the donor or have the donor play any part in your child’s life then you can get pregnant with donor sperm from a sperm bank. Sperm banks have strict rules about donor anonymity. You and your child would not get to know who your donor is until the child reaches 18 years of age. You would solely rely on the testing procedure and personal donor information that the sperm bank presents to you. This option has traditionally been very popular with heterosexual and lesbian couples struggling to conceive.

Selecting a known donor is fast becoming the number one choice for single women and lesbian couples looking to get pregnant with donor sperm. This method involves you using a male friend or a man that you have met via an online introductory service and then choosing a method of insemination to become pregnant. The donor can play no role in the child’s life or you can agree for him to be known to the child and have a parental role. Getting pregnant with donor sperm outside of a licensed clinic will result in the donor being legally responsible for the child unless you have a legally binding sperm donor contract in place.

Step 2 – Get your sperm donor tested

If you choose donor sperm through a sperm bank the sperm will already have been through a thorough testing procedure and you know that you are safe to go ahead and have your artificial insemination treatment to become pregnant.

When you choose a known donor the testing procedure is fully down to you and your donor. You must ensure that your donor is tested for semen analysis. Is your donor sperm healthy enough to get you pregnant? Your donor will also need to have a sexual health screening test.

If you are using an African American or Jewish donor you may wish to ask your donor to be screened for some of the following:


– Canavan disease carrier screening *

– Chemistry panel

– Complete blood count(CBC)

– Cystic fibrosis carrier screening

– Fanconi anemia carrier screening*

– Gaucher disease carrier screening*

– Niemann-Pick diseasecarrier screening*

– Sickle cell diseasecarrier testing***

– Tay-sachs disease carrier testing**

– Urinalysis

** For donors with Jewishor French Canadian ancestry.

***For donors with African American / African ancestry.

Step 3 – Arrange your chosen method of donor insemination

When you know your donor sperm is healthy and safe you can choose your desired method of insemination to achieve pregnancy.

There are 3 methods to choose from:

1. Artificial insemination at a clinic

Popular artificial insemination techniques range from IVF (In vitro fertilisation) to IUI (Intrauterine insemination). These procedures take place in a sterile environment and are carried out by professional health staff. IVF and IUI are costly procedures with low success rate however they are full proof in terms of health and safety.

2. Home insemination using a kit

Home insemination is the method of inseminating sperm at home using a sterile syringe and specimen cup. High-quality home insemination kits can be purchased in our shop. This is a highly popular and successful method of getting pregnant using donor sperm. There are risks if you do not have the sperm tested and you must be aware of legal implications for becoming pregnant using donor sperm outside of a clinic.

3. Natural insemination

Natural insemination means sexual intercourse to become pregnant. This is a method that needs to be discussed and agreed with your donor. If both adults consent then it is a highly successful way to get pregnant using donor sperm. Always have your donor tested and ensure you read the legal guidance for getting pregnant outside of a sperm bank.

Step 4 – Get pregnant with your donor sperm

Whichever method of insemination you choose, getting pregnant is a wonderful experience. Take time to find the right donor for you and choose a method that suits you, your budget, your lifestyle and the well being of your future child.